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Why did I build this website? Well, aside from being a gamer my whole life, and wanting a place to track which games I've played, playing, or on backlog, I also wanted a place where my friends and I could keep track of the gaming events we play, and all the games that were a part of it. Beyond that, I'm hoping to eventually build this into something that other internet gamers will find useful, and start creating their own player groups, events, and the like.

So, if you stumbled across this site accidently, and you are a gamer, go ahead and check it out! I'll be adding more features over the years as its running, and I'd like you to be a part of the growing experience.

I hope you enjoy your stay and please tell all you gamer friends about this.. especially if they are like me and love to collect game stats!

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Need Help? Contact us at NerdNightGaming@Rickmanx.com for any questions you need answered or problems you encounter. Want to know more about the creator Rickmanx?  Google it!

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