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Game: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Submitted on 6/28/2017 9:36 AM

Description: In the year 2669 entering the fifth decade of an ongoing war between the Terran Confederates and the Kilrathi Confederate Colonel Christopher Blair receives orders to relocate to the TCS Victory. Step into the shoes of Blair, as you command a group of young soldiers into battle. This chapter in the ongoing WING COMMANDER tale features Mark Hamill as the good Colonel, and a supporting cast littered with other film stars of years past. Having gained fan and critical acclaim for its in-depth storyline and massive game world, the Wing Commander series reaches new heights in this epic expansion. The characters' personalities and conversations significantly affect the action in this version, which is also marked by groundbreaking graphics and mind-blowing sound design. Boasting hours upon hours of gameplay, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger is a deft mixture of puzzles and action. Awesome aircraft, powerful weaponry, and an intuitive interface combine to create one stellar game.

Genre: Space Combat Rating: Mature
Developer: Origin Systems Publisher: Origin System
Platforms: PC Released: 3/27/1994
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