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Game: The Cathedral: Allison's Diary
Submitted on 10/27/2018 1:07 PM

Description: Two years later from "The Hospital" facts, you are interested in visiting the place where Rachel and Alfredo should have been buried. "The Cathedral" is the second chapter of the Allison's Diary horror saga. In the sacred cathedral of Sant'Andrea there is something frightening waiting to be discovered.

Genre: Violent Rating: Mature
Developer: KR Games Publisher: Star Consult S.r.L.
Platforms: Oculus Go, PC VR Released: 2/14/2018
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Max Offline Players:   1 Max Online Players:   0 Max Online Co-Op Players:   0
Player Campaign:   Yes Co-Op Campaign:   No Controller Support:   Yes
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Updated:   10/27/2019 11:06 AM Status:   Approved
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